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About Dotco

Dotco manufactures material removal & assembly tools such as grinders, sanders, drills, polishers & buffers. Dotco inline grinders are ideal for die & mould work. They feature a compact size for easy access to hard-to-reach areas and balanced moving parts for minimum vibration. These lightweight grinders have a maximum free speed of 34000 rpm and are available in front & rear exhaust configurations. The brand's precision pencil grinders feature a roll / twist throttle that controls the amount of air being supplied, making them useful for light deburring, mould finishing, metal removal, polishing and grinding. These compact Dotco grinders come equipped with a collet, collet wrenches, a collet guard, an air supply hose and an overhose.

Major Trade Names

Inline Grinders

Inline Grinders

These compact & lightweight grinders use elastomer coatings and perfectly balanced moving parts to reduce vibration. They are designed for shipbuilding, pipe fabrication, transportation equipment manufacturing and welding applications. They are ideal for precise and high-volume material removal.

Precision Grinders

Precision Grinders

These units feature aluminium & composite housing, roll & sleeve sliding throttles, carbide burrs and diamond pin abrasives. Selected models have high precision ball bearings to ensure long life expectancy, as they do not require airline lubrication. Some models are suitable for precise deburring an...

d metal removal.

Right Angle Grinders

Right Angle Grinders

They feature elastomer coating and perfectly balanced moving parts to reduce vibration. These grinders are ideal for die grinding & deburring. They are powered by high speed motors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you carry out sanding using a die grinder?

Using a die grinder on woodworking projects can help remove rough edges or paint. It can even create a design & provide smooth finish on the workpiece.

What precautions should one should keep in mind before using a grinder?

  • Always wear a face shield and gloves.
  • When changing wheels, unplug the grinder.
  • Attach the handle and maintain a firm grip with both hands.
  • Use the guard, if possible.
  • Run new wheels for one minute in a protected area before using them, to make sure that the wheel isn't defective.

Are Dotco grinders designed for industrial or heavy-duty use?

Dotco grinders provide exceptional productivity & maximum material removal even in heavy-duty use & industrial applications.

Can I customise a Dotco grinder for my specific application?

Dotco grinders can be customised according to specific application requirements (different manoeuvrability levels and power) by using front & rear exhausts, dial throttles, lock-off levers & more accessories.

What are the different types of Dotco grinders?

  • Dotco Inline Grinders: Used for straight operations.
  • Dotco Precision Grinders: Used for accurate operations in a small area.
  • Dotco Right Angle Grinders: Used in operations that are perpendicular to the units.