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Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some Dickson data loggers cross individual references to the equivalent Supco model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor motor that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Dickson available.


These Dickson products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some of the items may get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Dickson products are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About Dickson

Dickson company catalogue includes charts, pens, chart loggers, chart recorders, indicators, replaceable sensors and calibration equipment. Dickson pressure data loggers are designed for measuring gas, water or oil pressure. These Dickson data loggers fit in toolboxes, tight corners and in wide-open spaces. These Dickson data loggers feature an in-built diaphragm seal to prevent switches and transmitters from corrosion, clogging and failure. Water-resistant cases of these Dickson data loggers are made for real-world gas & water pressure monitoring and offer accuracies up to +/-1% of full scale. These data loggers feature USB or USB / flash card options for data retrieval and have a battery life of 1 year. With a maximum pressure of 500 psi, these Dickson data loggers are available in heights of 2 & 2.8 inches. Dickson 4 inch pressure chart recorders produce a permanent visual record of variable pressure data. They are ideal for refrigerators, freezers and HVAC applications. These Dickson pressure recorders feature weather-resistant, NEMA 4X rated enclosures for withstanding harsh outdoor environments. They come equipped with a battery holder for easily changing & assembling the batteries. These Dickson pressure recorders offer 7 days or 24-hour recording and are operated by a single AA battery. Choose from a wide range of these Dickson products along with recorder data logger accessories on Raptor Supplies.

Major Trade Names

Dickson WiZARD2 data loggers

Dickson WiZARD2 data loggers

Dickson WiZARD2 data loggers are ideal for applications that require scalability and ease of use for data logging tasks. Dickson data loggers have an inbuilt battery for storing the measured data if supply power malfunctions or goes out. These data loggers further have ethernet connectivity for auto...

matically transmitting the measured data to a central computing device. The wired connectivity ensures that the data is transmitted at high speed.



Dickson REPLACEABLE SENSORS are ideal for replacing broken / malfunctioning sensors on data logging devices. These sensors can accurately measure various parameters, including humidity, temperature and differential pressure, for various scientific and manufacturing operations that require high preci...

sion. These replaceable sensors feature plug-in design for easily replacing worn-out sensors while ensuring minimum downtime.

Dickson BLUETOOTH data loggers

Dickson BLUETOOTH data loggers

Dickson BLUETOOTH data loggers are suitable for applications that require wireless data transmission for data logging tasks. These data loggers protect the perishable and sensitive products in storage or delivery operations. Dickson data loggers feature IP 60 rating for withstanding harsh conditions...

. They feature compact design that allows for installing these data loggers inside containers, enclosures and compartments.

Dickson Competitive Advantages

DicksonOne Monitoring

DicksonOne Monitoring

Dickson's DicksonOne monitoring system provides remote monitoring for various application critical environments in laboratories, manufacturing sites and scientific facilities. This monitoring system collects variables like humidity, temperature and differential pressure from data logging devices and allows the user to monitor the results irrespecti...

ve of the location. This system further allows the user to view the data across a range of devices and systems.

Touchscreen data loggers

Touchscreen data loggers

Dickson touchscreen data loggers offer quick and easy calibration and data monitoring on-site. These data loggers automatically calculate and update the summary data on-site for the selected time range. The touchscreen style capacitive display offers high visibility for ease of monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to calibrate Dickson data loggers?

Firstly, the user should turn off the data logger by holding the power button on the unit. The replaceable sensor should be removed and plugged in again, followed by turning ON the data logger. This procedure calibrates the data logger to default values.

How often should Dickson data loggers be calibrated?

The data loggers should be calibrated at intervals of one year.

How to choose data loggers?

Crucial parameters, such as the number of input ports & storage memory size, should be considered while choosing the data loggers. Additionally, factors like display size & type, power source & measuring sensor type, enclosure size and networking factors should also be considered.

What do Dickson chart recorders do?

Chart recorders are instruments that are used for recording various processes & electrical signals. Dickson pressure recorders have a pen and paper-based arrangement. The pen is deflected onto the paper in proportion to the signal received from the recorder sensor.