About Diamond Vantage

Diamond Vantage has been manufacturing a wide variety of high-quality construction and abrasive tools since 2003. The Diamond Vantage product catalogue includes grinding wheels, sander polishing pads, depressed center wheels, saw blades, diamond wires, cup wheels and core bits. Core bits are high-speed cutting tools that have a hollow centre (like a hole saw) and are used to remove a cylindrical piece of material or to drill a hole without leaving the material behind. They have a diamond cutting tip ideal for drilling in concrete, stone, brick and asphalt, and are available in different drilling lengths and thread sizes. Diamond Vantage saw blades have a durable & segmented rim, and are used to clean cuts through ceramic tiles, concrete, brick and other hard materials. The company's abrasive cut-off wheels feature diamond as the abrasive material, ideal for cutting and grinding composite materials. Choose from a variety of Diamond Vantage blades, bits and tools in different diameters and cutting speeds on Raptor Supplies.