Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some COX items cross individual references to the equivalent Devcon, 3M or Westward Industries model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor dispenser that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent COX product available.


These COX dispensers range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items may get damaged while shipping. Hence, these COX dispensers are delivered by courier shipment.

About Cox

The COX catalogue includes air caulk guns, epoxy applicators, plungers, lock nuts, spray nozzle assemblies and cartridge support straps. The brand's epoxy applicators dispense two-part adhesives without the need for air hoses and electrical cords to power them. These dispensers allow operation at minimum trigger pressure and are ideal for foundation, wall, basement, pool & concrete crack repairs. They feature a simple breech loading mechanism to ensure that cartridges are held safely. These epoxy applicators are equipped with an ergonomic trigger & handle for added comfort & reduced fatigue. These dispensing guns are available in manual and dual cartridge variants. COX also manufactures pneumatic caulking guns having operating pressure up to 100 psi. They feature quick-release retainers to provide a pressurised feed of adhesives, liquids & pastes. These pneumatic guns are used where precision is required, such as watertight windows & shower doors.

Major Trade Names



These manual bead dispensers are designed for 310 mL cartridges. They feature anodised steel rotating frames to withstand high forces and an epoxy-coated aluminium handle for protection from corrosive fluids. These dispensers are equipped with in-built cartridge support straps to safely position and...

retain the cartridge.

EasiPower Plus

EasiPower Plus

These battery-powered dispensers are designed for 310 / 400 mL cartridges. They feature an auto-reverse function to prevent material flow when the trigger is released. These dispensers provide a maximum rack speed of 8 mm/sec and offer a variable speed trigger for precise speed control while dispens...

ing. They feature an overload shut-off function to protect the tool and container from potential damage.

AirFlow 1 Cartridge

AirFlow 1 Cartridge

These pneumatic bead dispensers are suitable for 310 mL cartridges. They feature a variable speed regulator for smooth material flow and precise control. These dispensers have a direct-acting mechanism to direct the applied air pressure to the plunger. They are capable of withstanding thrusts up to ...

1.3kN and can handle pressure up to 100 psi.

Cox Competitive Advantages

ElectraFlow Dual Ultra 600 1:1

ElectraFlow Dual Ultra 600 1:1

These 600 mL, 2-component cartridge guns are designed for using high volumes of two-part epoxy adhesives or sealants. These cordless tools feature first-in-class cordless technology and are powered by 18V lithium-ion batteries & chargers based on CoolPack battery technology. They come equipped with plungers and interchangeable cartridge holding str...

aps for quick configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Cox 63006-600 pneumatic caulk gun connected to the air supply?

Cox 63006-600 pneumatic caulk gun has a 1/4 inch male NPT port for easy connection to the air supply.

What is the significance of chargers based on CoolPack battery technology?

These chargers enable the batteries to be placed in heat-dissipating housing, which reduces the risk of overheating and increases battery life & runtime.

What are some points to remember while operating COX pneumatic caulk guns?

  • Users should not reposition the air handle during operation.
  • The airline should be disconnected before replacing the cartridge or sausage.
  • Unwanted material / residue should be removed from the applicator using a solvent or soft cloth.
  • Operator should always wear safety glasses during operation.