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  • Infrared Thermometers

    Facilitate temperature measurement from a distance without any physical contact with the object and also, avoiding cross-contamination. Equipped with a retractable RTD puncture probe to permit insertion temperature reading. Feature 100 hours of battery life with a low-battery indicator

  • Pocket Thermometers

    IPX7 waterproof-rated thermometers designed to withstand the harshest industrial environment. Come with a thermistor sensor, located in the Reduced Tip, for providing accurate readings and a quick response time - fewer than 6 seconds. Available with stem lengths ranging from 2.75 - 4.6 inches

  • Temperature Humidity Meters and Dew Point Meters

    Widely used for carrying out multiple- and single-temperature readings, at a time, to suit different operational needs. Feature a backlit LCD screen to enhance reading visibility even in dark environments and CE-, WEEE- & RoHS-certified construction

  • Temperature Probes

    Designed to monitor and analyse air, liquid, surface and food & beverages temperatures. Equipped with a resistance thermometer (RTD), thermistor and thermocouple measuring elements to accommodate different temperature ranges and applications

  • Thermocouple Thermometers

    Designed with Total System Accuracy mechanism to ensure high accuracy with temperature monitoring and a large, LCD screen to allow easy reading of the temperature. IPX7 waterproof-rated to withstand the harsh industrial environment. Come with 2 or 3 AAA batteries

  • Thermometer Accessories

    10000 Ohm thermistor used for measuring pipe surface temperatures. Feature a patented design with an elastic strap for quick and easy installation and phono configuration for excellent connectivity flexibility. Come with a 12 ft long straight cord

  • Thermometers
  • Wall and Desk Hygrometers

    Feature an oversized construction to permit easy monitoring of temperatures in critical food-related applications. Some models come with an HACCP reference colour-coded dial and a large black pointer that allows easy viewing and employee awareness

Nonelectrical Properties TestingView all

  • Digital And Mechanical Timers

    Water-resistant digital timers featuring a slim stainless-steel design with a high pitch 70-decibel alarm that rings for 60 seconds. Separate pocket-sized multi-function units with Timer, Clock and Stopwatch functions, and a large, easy-to-read digital display also available

  • Moisture Meter Accessories

    Includes hygro thermometers (humidity replacement probes) to measure and determine the moisture content, wet bulb temperature and relative humidity of the air. Ideal for use with Cooper-Atkins SRH77A humidity thermistors

About Cooper Atkins

With over 135 years of experience, Cooper Atkins has been offering a complete line of testing & monitoring solutions for healthcare, foodservice and research & development. The brand's extensive catalogue comprises thermometers, data loggers, panel meters, thermocouples, thermistors, timers and probes. Cooper Atkins digital pocket thermometers are designed for checking the water temperature in commercial dishwaters. These NSF-certified thermometers are programmable for providing visual alarm once the set temperature is reached and have an IPX7 rated design for complete protection against high-pressure water & high-temperature sprays. Cooper Atkins analogue hygrometers are suitable for humidity & temperature monitoring in food processing facilities. These oversized meters feature easy-to-read markings with a large black pointer for easy viewing from a distance and a clear plastic lens for damage protection from accidental blows. Choose from a wide range of the aforementioned products, along with various thermometer accessories on Raptor Supplies.

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