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About Apex-tools

Apex has been manufacturing high-quality industrial fastening tools for various assembly, maintenance and repair applications for over 85 years. The Apex Bits catalogue includes highly durable screwdriver bits, nut setters, bit holders, sockets, socket bits & extensions, and multi-bit screwdrivers. The brand's power sockets are designed for use with non-impacting tools to allow the user to control the applied torque while driving fasteners. These sockets feature a heat-treated alloy steel body which makes them capable of withstanding most assembly and operational wear. Apex screwdrivers are available in different bit styles, including Philips, slotted, Torx and Torx plus, for both low- and high-torque applications.
The brand also produces NSF-approved anti-fatigue mats featuring nitrile / rubber construction with drainage holes (max 81 holes per sq. ft.). These mats are an ideal choice when traction is required in wet or greasy areas. Selected floor mats are further embedded with antimicrobial agents. A wide variety of these Apex products can be purchased from Raptor Supplies.