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Americ, a Schaefer brand, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality confined space ventilation equipment. The company’s product line includes electric and air-powered confined space fans and blowers, ventilation ducting and related accessories, such as connectors, carriers and storage racks. The lightweight and portable Americ confined space fans are UL, CSA and CE certified and feature a heavy-duty motor capable of delivering maximum speed and air flow of 3200 rpm and 877 cfm, respectively. The dual-wall polyethylene housing of these fans is designed to protect the internal mechanism and flow in the harshest environments and confined spaces, such as sewers and manholes. The brand also offers 15- and 25-inch confined space ventilation ducting made of flexible, light-duty vinyl and woven polyester. This ducting is designed to handle large volume of air at a comparatively lower pressure. A wide range of these ducts and other company products are available on Raptor Supplies.