KUSHLAN PRODUCTS KPRO Wheelbarrow Mixer, Polyethylene Drum, 115V, 3.5 cu.ft | AF7NFP 22DA14

KUSHLAN PRODUCTS KPRO Wheelbarrow Mixer, Polyethylene Drum, 115V, 3.5 cu.ft

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Item: AF7NFP Model: KPROCross Ref: 22DA14
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Product Specifications:

ItemWheelbarrow Mixer
Axle TypeRigid
Drum Dia.22"
Drum MaterialPolyethylene
FrameHeavy Gauge Steel Tubing
Locking SystemPin
Motor115V Belt Drive
Net Weight80 lb.
Overall Height44"
Overall Length47"
Overall Width25"
Size3-1/2 cu. ft.
Wheel Diameter13.25"
Wheel Width3"
WheelsFlat Free Rubber

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 63.5
Ship height (cm)78.74
Ship length (cm)101.6
Ship width (cm)121.92
HS code8474310000

Product Details:

Kushlan Products KPRO wheelbarrow mixer is used to control material discharge with its easy-to-use dump mechanism. It comprises a metal drum, a welded steel frame and torsion bar suspension.


  • Kushlan Products KPRO wheelbarrow cement mixer is used for blending water, cement and sand for paving and small-scale construction.
  • It features a 115V, 1/2 hp motor providing 28 rotations per minute.
  • It is integrated with a heavy-gauge steel frame with retractable steel handles for easy storage & transport and two pneumatic rubber tires for smooth mobility.
  • It provides a maximum holding capacity of 180 lb.

Standards and Approvals:

  • CE
  • UL
  • CSA

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the different types of concrete mixers?

A. The different types of concrete mixers are tilting drum mixers, non-tilting drum mixers and reversing drum mixers.

Q. What should be the mix ratio of concrete?

A. Four parts crushed rock, two parts sand and one part cement are the safest bet for any concrete mix. Of course, the four-two-one mix comprises seven components. Conveniently, any variety of scales can be used to mix the ratio when mixing concrete.

Q. What is a drum type of concrete mixer?

A. The drum mixer type comprises two conical drums that are frustum-shaped. The drum has either a single set or numerous sets of blades that are used to mix, prepare and discharge the concrete mixture depending on the kind.

Product Variants

ProductModelOverall HeightDrum Dia.FrameOverall LengthOverall WidthSizeWheel DiameterWheel WidthPrice
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KUSHLAN PRODUCTS KPRO Wheelbarrow Mixer, Polyethylene Drum, 115V, 3.5 cu.ft