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Auto Cutoff Tie Tensioning Tool, Nylon
Item: CE4ZDH
Model: 86571
93.68 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Cable Tie Install Tool 180 To 225 Lb
Item: AB9EYM
8,439.46 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Cordless Crimping Tool Kit, 6 ton Max. Crimping Force, Li-Ion, 3Ah Battery Capacity
Item: CH9YBV
Model: SL-BND
7,022.27 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Insulated Crimper 22-10 Awg 9-1/2 Inch Length
Item: AE4LPA
Model: 909
69.98 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Insulated Crimper 23-13 AWG 5-3/4 Inch Length
Item: AG9RGN
Model: 97 68 145 A
135.94 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Item: BM6TYN
Model: 74821117
30.13 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Ratchet Crimper

Ratchet Crimper

Item: CR7EXC
Model: VDV226-110
143.84 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Ratcheting Crimper, 6-4/0 Awg, 19-1/2 Inch Length
Item: AB8CRM
Model: 2006
637.93 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Replacement Crimp Die
Item: BM6UKV
Model: 74827148
1,588.69 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Type P Crimping Die
Item: CF4BFQ
Model: P15K
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Type U Crimping Die 1 In
Item: AB6XKV
Model: UO
565.77 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Upper and Lower Crimping Die, 350 kcmil, U Style Dies, 2 Sizes
Item: CT3JFU
Model: 49-12-U350C
619.04 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Crimping Tools

Crimping tools by Raptor Supplies bend, cut and strip cloistered wiring in no time. A crimp tool enables a cable installation specialist to efficiently cut and strip electrical wiring. Hose crimper from Raptor Supplies moulds brass and aluminium barbs for a tight hose fit, for use in AC and refrigeration installations. While a tie tensioner tool has the power of 8-22 Kg cable tie strength to keep wiring bundled tight. Raptor Supplies holds a vast stock of crimping tools which are very efficient.

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