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Cross-Reference Alternatives

Vibco's MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Dayton model numbers. So, if you are looking for competitor items that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Vibco vibrators available. Customers can also cross-reference most products using the last 5 digits of the model numbers.


Vibco vibrators are available in vibration frequencies ranging up to 24000 vpm. These vibrators, cannons and accessories require careful packaging as some products might get damaged while shipping. Hence, they are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About Vibco

The Vibco Vibrators catalogue includes electrical, pneumatic & hydraulic vibrators and air cannons. Vibco electric vibrators are used as bin vibrators and concrete vibrators and are available in more than 150 model types with different speed, enclosure and power rating options. The brand's hydraulic vibrators can operate at up to 3000 psi pressure, making them ideal for heavy-duty construction, mining and other applications in wet, muddy and dusty conditions. They produce high-frequency vibrations with noise levels as low as 60 dB. Vibco air cannons consist of a high-pressure tank, used to store compressed air and have a quick release valve that releases this compressed air directly into the silo or bin. Raptor Supplies offers a wide variety of these air cannons in different volume capacities of up to 9.33 cu.ft and different industrial vibrators along with their accessories.

Major Trade Names

Vibco Big Bertha Dumpbody Vibrators

Vibco Big Bertha Dumpbody Vibrators

These vibrators shake even the toughest materials out, including fertiliser, hot asphalt, frozen or wet dirt, clay, fly ash and degrading materials. They minimise wear & tear on breaks as well as stop jerking the hoists. These kits contain a wiring kit, mounting plate, cable and mounting bolts.

Vibco SandBuster Spreader Hopper Vibrators

Vibco SandBuster Spreader Hopper Vibrators

These silent electric vibrators are totally enclosed units that are ideal for both outside and inside environments in dirt, dust and snow or rain. They can be used to consolidate the concrete, expedite the flow of bulk materials through any size bin, hopper, or chute, pack material in drums and bags...

or increase the efficiency of material through screens.

Vibco TRAILA & STIK-IT Vibrator Mounting Systems

Vibco TRAILA & STIK-IT Vibrator Mounting Systems

With the Traila units, you can unload your truck and tender hoppers quickly and easily while also saving weight. The suction-activated base of these Traila systems allows ease of portability from hopper to hopper as required. Further, the positive suction produced by the unique Stik-It mounting syst...

em uses a constant air miser in the harsh dusty industrial environment. These units rapidly attach to surfaces and require no welding or bolting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Vibco headquarters located?

Vibco has its headquarters in the United States.

What is the difference between pneumatic and hydraulic vibrators?

Pneumatic or air-powered vibrators are suitable for continuous-duty applications for moving granular, dense and fine materials. Whereas heavy-duty, messy work in muddy, slushy, or dusty environments is perfect for hydraulic vibrators.

How to install air cannons?

  • A hole is cut in the structure one inch larger than the release pipe of the air cannon.
  • The mounting flange is then bolted or welded to the bin side over the hole.
  • The cylinder is attached to the release pipe & the air and hence operating connections are made.
  • The operation can either automatic or manual.
  • The manual incorporates either a simple air release valve or a solenoid with an electric switch.
  • The automatic operation consists of a solenoid valve and timer.
  • Once installed, the cycle time can be changed from once a day or when necessary to be as fast as the cylinder can be filled with air.

What are the important points to consider while installing CC turbine vibrators?

  • Carefully mount all the hardware like plates, chains & channel irons.
  • Make sure that the vibrator is secured tightly. Also, retighten it after the first 10 to 15 minutes of operation.
  • In order to reduce pressure loss from the compressor to the vibrator, the hose connecting to the vibrator's inlet port should have an inside diameter at least as big as the inlet diameter of the pipe size of the vibrator.
  • Operate the unit for a short cycle of 5 to 10 minutes at pressures up to 80 psi.

What to do when the vibrators do not start?

  • Check for dirt in the inlet opening or airline and fix it.
  • Check the airline back to the compressor for disconnections or holes.