About Solo

Solo is a leading innovator of backpack, hand-held and one-hand compression sprayers. Its extensive catalogue includes spreaders, mist & air blowers and cut-off machines. Solo backpack sprayers are flexible and ergonomically designed for large & small spraying applications. These backpack sprayers feature a high-performance piston pump that offers increased pressure capabilities up to 90 psi. They come in a rugged metal frame with extra-large tank openings to provide stability, in addition to allowing easier filling & cleaning. To cut through concrete, steel, asphalt, cast iron & stone, the brand offers industrial-grade cut-off saws. These cut-off saws feature a two-stroke engine with power rated at 4 kW to produce high output at very low emission rates. Choose from a wide range of cut-off saws, pressure water tanks, air filters, filter cartridges, spark plugs and cap gaskets on Raptor Supplies.