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About Ohaus

For more than 100 years, Ohaus has been manufacturing high-precision and reliable weighing instruments for applications in metal machining, logistics and waste recycling industries. The company's line of products includes balances, scales, moisture analysers, water analysis meters and lab equipment, such as centrifuges, open-air shakers, vortex mixers and dry block heaters. The Ohaus Scales catalogue incorporates a wide range of portable and highly durable bench, shipping, countertop, floor, jewellery and pharmacy scales. The brand's NSF-certified and IP65-rated Valor Series bench scales require minimal counter space and offer resolutions up to 40000d (readability) and are therefore suitable for general-purpose weighing, percent weighing and specific gravity measuring applications. They are enclosed in a sleek and fully stainless steel compact housing with added chemical resistance and further feature a SmarText user interface which uses a bright backlit LCD and simple text prompts to help users go through the application and scale setup. Each scale allows users to manually adjust stability, filtering and auto zero settings for best and accurate results in drafty and unstable environments.
For applications requiring force experiments and action-reaction demonstrations, the company also provides rugged and shatterproof spring scales featuring a large bright coloured dial face with easy-to-read black graduations on a frosted aluminium background. Choose from a wide range of these spring scales based on different load capacities, on Raptor Supplies.