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About Novus

Novus Automation is a leading manufacturer of sensors, transmitters and process control & indication equipment for industrial automation solutions in manufacturing, packaging, automotive, assembly line and production industries. The company's vast catalogue includes Novus humidity sensors, PID controllers, indicators, timers / counters, thermostats, relays, humidity / temperature / pressure sensors, communication devices and software interfaces. Novus configuration interfaces are manufactured to configure Novus transmitters and are ideal for use with Novus TxIsoRail HART and TxIsoPack HART. These interfaces feature a USB connector to connect transmitter and PC for easy installation using the TxConfig software. Novus TxIMiniBlock Pt100 temperature transmitters are superior precision head mounted temperature transmitters. They feature universal input that decreases the inventory while the native USB port promotes ease of calibration, configuration and online tracking in the lab or in the field. Choose from a wide range of these sensors, transmitters, configuration interfaces and more from Novus Automation, available on Raptor Supplies.