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Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some Nord-Lock MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Fabory model numbers. So, if you're looking for competitor items that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Nord-Lock products available.


These Nord-Lock products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Nord-Lock items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About Nord-lock

The company offers a wide range of Combi-Bolt and X-Series washers, wedge lock washers, spring lock washers, socket set screws and wheel nuts. The easy-to-install / remove Nord-Lock wheel nuts come pre-lubricated and are designed to secure wheels of on-road and off-road vehicles. Nord-Lock wedge lock washers use tension instead of friction for securing bolted joints that are exposed to dynamic loads or severe vibrations. These washers are made of steel / 254 SMO stainless steel / 316 stainless steel with plain / delta protect finish for resisting corrosion on exposed surfaces. They offer thickness tolerances ranging from +/-0.25 mm to +/-0.03 inches.

Major Trade Names

X-series Washers

X-series Washers

They combine the Nord-Lock wedge-locking feature with an innovative spring effect to provide maximum security against frequent bolt loosening and risk of slackenings such as multiple clamped parts, short clamp length, soft metals, gaskets, coatings, plastic composites and thermal cycling. These stee...

l washers offer high corrosion resistance and are tested for at least 1000 hours in the Neutral Salt Spray Test.

Nord-lock Competitive Advantages

Wedge-Locking Technology

Wedge-Locking Technology

Nord-Lock uses wedge-locking technology to ensure that bolted joints cannot be loosened even under severe vibration and dynamic loads. When the nut or bolt is tightened, the teeth grip and seat the mating surfaces. As the cam angle is more than the thread pitch, the cams create a wedge effect, thereby preventing the bolt from loosening while being ...

rotated.' Wedge-lock washers are thus locked in place, allowing movement only across the face of the cam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who invented Nord-Lock washers?

Rolf Steinbock invented Nord-Lock washers.

When should you not use a Nord lock washer?

Nord-Lock washers are not recommended for mating surfaces which are not locked in place, have non-preloaded joints and are harder than the washers.