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Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some Marathon motors cross individual references to the equivalent Baldor or Leeson model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor motor that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Marathon motor available.


These Marathon motors range from small to large sizes. They require careful packaging as some items may get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Marathon motors are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About Marathon Motors

The Marathon Motors catalogue incorporates motors under the general purpose, compressor, HVAC, washdown, brake, vector and pump motor categories. The brand's 3 phase, drip proof general purpose motors are ideal for use in non hazardous applications with pumps, machine tools and ventilation equipment. These NEMA rated motors feature the open drip proof enclosure design and can handle the harshest environments, safeguarding the internal components from the ingress of foreign contaminants. These C face footed Marathon motors feature frames made of cast iron / rolled steel for resisting corrosion on exposed surfaces and deliver speeds up to 3560 rpm. These Marathon motors allow both horizontal & vertical orientation and offer a maximum efficiency of 93.6%. The brand's totally enclosed, 3 phase motors feature rigid / base mounting for easy & secure installation. They have a maximum efficiency of 94.5% and can operate at rotational speeds ranging between 1200 and 3600 RPM. These Marathon motors come equipped with ball bearings for low rotational friction and are offered in power ratings ranging from 1 to 125 hp.

Major Trade Names

BLUE MAX Inverter Duty Motors

BLUE MAX Inverter Duty Motors

BLUE MAX inverter duty motors are designed for vector or VFD applications requiring full rated torque at zero speed, using either open or closed loop controls. These Marathon motors feature a patented fracket that allows mounting of blowers, encoders & brakes. The MAX GUARD Class H insulation system...

of these Marathon motors helps extend motor life under the adverse dielectric and thermal stresses applied by the high switching frequencies in association with PWM drives. These Marathon motors have frames made of 100% cast iron for structural rigidity & corrosion resistance. They feature an internally mounted BCP bearing protection system that reduces inverter sourced bearing currents, thereby increasing bearing life. These BLUE MAX Marathon motors have a constant torque speed range of 2000:1 and are precisely balanced to minimise vibration for increased motor life.

MICROMAX Inverter Duty Motors

MICROMAX Inverter Duty Motors

MICROMAX inverter duty motors are designed to operate smoothly with all PWM drives, thus ensuring years of hassle-free operation. These Marathon motors feature a Class H insulation system attached with a CR200 magnet wire to provide long, dependable motor life. These C face footed / footless Maratho...

n motors are made of rolled steel and have external epoxy coating to provide corrosion resistance. They are optimised for use with IGBT inverters. They provide continuous duty while operating at a maximum ambient temperature of 40 degrees C.

XRI 3 Phase, General Purpose Motors

XRI 3 Phase, General Purpose Motors

XRI 3 phase general purpose motors from Marathon Motors are ideal for 10:1 CT up to 365T frame and 10:1 VT on all frame sizes. These UL listed, CE marked & CSA certified motors meet or exceed all USA mandated efficiencies and deliver a service factor of 1 and 1.15 on IGBT power and sinewave, respect...

ively. These Marathon motors come with the Bearing Current Protection (BCP) feature for added safety and are compatible with C face kits to convert rigid mounted motors to C face mountings, which are ideal for machine shop & marine applications.

SyMAX Motors

SyMAX Motors

SyMAX motors offer the highest level of longevity and reliability, along with low maintenance costs, owing to their high ingress protection levels, low operating temperature and ultra precision balancing techniques. These Marathon motors are designed for high speed & high performance pumping, compre...

ssor and air moving applications. They also feature a patented MAX GUARD insulation system for added safety. Marathon SyMAX PMAC motors provide ultra precision balance up to 0.08 inch/sec vibration and concentrated winding stator reduces dV/dT stresses. These Marathon motors provide reduced lubrication frequency, which is ideal for quiet operations, especially in harsh environments.

Marathon Motors Competitive Advantages

MAX GUARD Insulation System

MAX GUARD Insulation System

The patented MAX GUARD insulation system is the only insulation system which provides unlimited lead length between the drive and motor. This MAX GUARD insulation system combines a unique, low stress winding configuration and corona magnet wire for extending motor life under the adverse dielectric & thermal stresses generated by the high switching ...

frequencies of PWM medium voltage drives. The MAX GUARD insulation system surpasses the needs of NEMA MG1, Part 31 and is a standard feature of BLACK MAX & BLUE MAX Marathon motors.

IntelliDrive Technology

IntelliDrive Technology

IntelliDrive technology features an embedded electronic control system that includes proprietary algorithms to ensure easy power controlling while maintaining a high level of efficiency. It helps in maintaining constant torque and thus, increases the motor service life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do electric motors work?

Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy for generating motion. Force is produced within the motor through the interaction between a winding alternating (AC) or direct (DC) current and the magnetic field.

What to consider when purchasing a motor?

There are several factors that you need to consider while selecting a motor -

  • Current is what powers the motor, but excessive current can damage the motor. For DC motors, stall and operating current are important. Stall current applies sufficient torque for the motor to run either at stall speed or 0 RPM. This is the maximum amount of current the motor can draw. Operating current is the average amount of current, motors are expected to draw under specific torque. Overcurrent may lead to shoot up in heat, resulting in wire melting.
  • Voltage is important as it keeps net current flowing in a single direction and overcomes back current. The higher the voltage, the higher the torque. Make sure that the recommended voltage is applied. If you apply very low voltage, the motor will not work, while applying too much voltage can lead to short circuiting and consequently result in power loss or complete failure.
  • Operating torque is the amount of torque the motor was calibrated to produce while stall torque is the amount of torque generated when power is applied from stall speed. You must look at the required operating torque, but some applications may require you to know how far the motor can be pushed. For example, with a wheeled robot, good torque means good acceleration but you should make sure the stall torque is high enough to lift the weight of the robot. In this case, torque is more important than speed.
  • Velocity or speed can be complex in regards to motors. Generally, motors run most smoothly & efficiently at the highest speeds, but it is not always possible if gearing is needed. Adding gears will reduce the motor efficiency, so take into account both the speed and torque reduction simultaneously.

What are the different types of Marathon motors offered by Raptor Supplies?

In addition to general purpose AC motors, Raptor Supplies offers Marathon induction motors, air compressor motors, belt drive motors, brake motors and washdown motors.

What is a TEBC motor enclosure?

Totally Enclosed Blower Cooled (TEBC) enclosure is a totally enclosed motor enclosure mounted with a fan on the opposite end of the motor shaft to deliver cooling air over the motor. Selected Marathon vector motors come with TEBC enclosure to prevent overheating of motor windings.