Lighting Filter


Hold fluorescent light bulbs in place for optimal brightness in a room wherever needed. Available in quickwire 18 AWG push-in connection for a power rating of 660 W

Lamp Holder 660 W Lamp
Item: AD3JBZ
Model: 517
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About Leviton

Leviton manufactures commercial- and industrial-grade lighting control & network solutions, as well as automation products for applications in power generation plants, construction sites and recreational facilities. The extensive Leviton products catalogue includes electrical wiring devices, surge protection and power strips, switches, dimmers, receptacles, access controls, power cables, motion sensors, lamp holders, voice data jacks and power cords. Leviton dimmers can be wired up as a single-pole or three-way switch and are compatible with fluorescent, LED and incandescent lamps. To dim or control electronic low-voltage transformers, these dimmers feature a separate ON / OFF switch which preserves the previous preference settings automatically. The company also offers a variety of 15 and 20 amps switches for energy management, as well as lighting and fan speed control. Choose from a wide range of these Leviton switches and other brand products on Raptor Supplies.