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JB Industries' MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Yellow Jacket model numbers. So if you are looking for competitor items that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent JB Industries products available. Customers can also cross-reference most products using the last 5 digits of the model numbers.


JB Industries fittings are suitable for ACR / CFC / HCFC / HFC tubing and pipes. These refrigeration fittings, test equipment, sealants, scales, valves and pneumatic accessories require careful packaging as some products might get damaged while shipping. Hence, they are delivered by air freight and courier shipment for minimum downtime.

About Jb Industries

JB Industries provides an extensive catalogue of products, including vacuum pumps, manifolds, gauges, leak detectors, hoses, scales, locking caps, tubing tools, access and ball valves and more. JB eliminator vacuum pumps prevent moisture and condensation in refrigerants and feature a check valve to prevent oil backflow during a power failure. They come with well-protected drain valves further sealed with O-rings to protect against leaks. Choose from a wide range of these vacuum pumps along with other products, such as manifold gauge sets, bin shelvings and mobile bin carts on Raptor Supplies.

Major Trade Names

JB Industries Platinum Flex Vacuum Pumps

JB Industries Platinum Flex Vacuum Pumps

These pumps are compatible with Platinum Flex battery or AC-powered vacuum pumps and are powered by the brand's 9.0 Ah/18v lithium-ion battery or auto-switching dual voltage AC Adapter. These 22 oz oil capacity pumps are available in 3 CFM or 5 CFM air flow rates and have low battery warning lights ...

with an audible alert. These pumps feature metal construction with finned aluminium heavy-duty housing, stainless steel valving and brass fittings for anti-corrosive service. The ergonomic 1/2 inch NPT exhaust handle with lift ring ensures ease of portability. Moreover, they come attached with tethered safety caps and an internal check valve to prevent oil spills and oil back-flow during a power failure, respectively.

JB Industries Atlas DS-5000 Propane Scales

JB Industries Atlas DS-5000 Propane Scales

They have a back-lit LCD to increase readability in low light conditions, a large weighing platform and a sturdy injected moulded component for durability. These scales come equipped with load cells to provide an accurate weight of the objects. Further, they include charging valves to enable precisi...

on charging and Schrader valves for preventing refrigerant leaks / loss. These scales come equipped with a cylinder adapter having Secure Seal low-loss fitting for inverted charging. Moreover, they come supplied with a Velcro loop for stabilizing the refrigerant canister.

JB Industries Eliminator Pumps

JB Industries Eliminator Pumps

These pumps have a 2-stage direct drive with motors delivering speeds up to 1725 RPM at 1/2 hp. They are available in 3, 4, and 6 CFM air flow rates and feature all-metal construction with burnished cover, stainless steel valving and brass fittings for corrosion-proof performance. These pumps come e...

quipped with an ergonomic 1/2 inch break-resistant exhaust handle with large, easy-to-read oil level sight glass. They further have tethered safety caps to prevent oil spillage and removable, interchangeable power cords (in dual voltage motors models).

JB Industries Supernova DV-41 Digital Vacuum Gauges

JB Industries Supernova DV-41 Digital Vacuum Gauges

These fully programmable gauges come with leak and approach alarm settings having backlight duration and automatic shutoff. They can read vacuum ranging from 100000 to 10 microns and offer multiple measurements. These gauges have an easy-to-read LCD screen and 1/4 inch SAE flare brass fitting with a...

flexible five-foot cord for hard-to-reach spaces. They come in a protective carrying case and operate with an included AC adapter or three AA batteries.

JB Industries Kobra CLX Series Secure Seal Hoses

JB Industries Kobra CLX Series Secure Seal Hoses

They open to full flow due to large fitting and have a low-loss fitting that traps the refrigerant smoothly inside the hose for non-venting applications. These units have dual internal thrust washers made of Teflon & stainless steel to ensure free rotation and easy turning under high pressures. They...

deliver working pressures up to 800 psi and a maximum burst pressure of 4000 psi. These models also include rebuildable seal kits and removable heads to ensure fast, easy field replacement or repair. They comply with UL standards and have an angled depressor with a custom gasket to prevent leaks.

Jb Industries Competitive Advantages

JB Industries F6-DP Refrigerant Recovery Units

JB Industries F6-DP Refrigerant Recovery Units

The F6 refrigerant recovery machines include a microchannel condenser, full one horsepower motor, a powerful dual-piston compressor and an over-sized cooling fan. They allow self-purge without changing hoses and are capable of handling high temperatures. The gauges are backlit by LED lights for illuminating in cramped and dark environments. Further...

, these 1/8 inch gauges feature a sturdy metal case for structural rigidity and have an easily accessible on-off rocker switch to control them. They comprise a replaceable 3-V lithium coin-cell battery that delivers over 250 hours of average battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How low can a vacuum be pulled in a micron gauge?

While pulling a vacuum on the compressor, it is suggested to pull a system down to 250 - 300 microns. Below 250 microns, degassing of the oil will start in the compressor and will not be the original lubricating oil thereafter. Hence, the oil will only degas and not suck up into the vacuum pump.

Is it required to use a metal hose or copper tubing while pulling a vacuum on the system?

Not necessarily. One can make use of charging hoses to pull a vacuum, but in case of checking leaks after blanking off the system, users need metal hoses or copper tubing.

What happens when the LD-5000 Prowler detects that a leak is present?

When the gas of refrigerant enters the sensor, the Prowler detection circuit starts three indicators to depict a leak in the machine. The first indicator is an audio alarm. Secondly the user feels a vibration in the handle and then views the bar graph line(s) appearing on the LCD screen. Both these vibration and audio alarms are constant in every situation, but the LCD bar graph changes (depending on the concentration of the gas in the sensor). This bar graph is also independent of the selected sensitivity level.