IDEAL Wire End Connectors

Wire End Connectors(81 Products)

IDEAL Fishing Tapes Sticks

Fishing Tapes Sticks(54 Products)

IDEAL Shrink Tubing

Shrink Tubing(38 Products)


Parts(22 Products)

IDEAL Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fittings(19 Products)

IDEAL Crimping Tool Dies

Crimping Tool Dies(18 Products)

IDEAL Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers(18 Products)

IDEAL Toggle Switches

Toggle Switches(16 Products)

IDEAL Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers(12 Products)

IDEAL Voice Data Connectors

Voice Data Connectors(11 Products)

IDEAL Test Equipment

Test Equipment(10 Products)

IDEAL Wire Disconnects

Wire Disconnects(10 Products)

IDEAL Nut Drivers

Nut Drivers(8 Products)

IDEAL Fuse Pullers

Fuse Pullers(6 Products)

IDEAL Clamp Meters

Clamp Meters(5 Products)

IDEAL Maintenance Set

Maintenance Set(5 Products)

IDEAL Battery Clamps

Battery Clamps(4 Products)

IDEAL Diagonal Cutters

Diagonal Cutters(4 Products)

IDEAL Insulated Tool Sets

Insulated Tool Sets(4 Products)

IDEAL Punch Down Tools

Punch Down Tools(4 Products)

IDEAL Screwdriver Sets

Screwdriver Sets(4 Products)

IDEAL Splice Kits

Splice Kits(4 Products)

IDEAL Circuit Tracers

Circuit Tracers(3 Products)

IDEAL Conduit Fittings

Conduit Fittings(3 Products)

IDEAL Crimping Tool Kits

Crimping Tool Kits(3 Products)

IDEAL Tube Clamps

Tube Clamps(3 Products)

IDEAL Wire Connector Kits

Wire Connector Kits(3 Products)

IDEAL Wire Marking Labels

Wire Marking Labels(3 Products)

IDEAL Continuity Testers

Continuity Testers(2 Products)

IDEAL Nut Driver Sets

Nut Driver Sets(2 Products)

IDEAL Safety Kit

Safety Kit(2 Products)


Taps(2 Products)


Totes(2 Products)

IDEAL Cable Cutters

Cable Cutters(1 Product)

IDEAL Caulks

Caulks(1 Product)

IDEAL Connector Tools

Connector Tools(1 Product)

IDEAL Foot Switches

Foot Switches(1 Product)

IDEAL GFCI Receptacles

GFCI Receptacles(1 Product)

IDEAL Greases

Greases(1 Product)

IDEAL Hole Saws

Hole Saws(1 Product)

IDEAL Linesman Pliers

Linesman Pliers(1 Product)

IDEAL Locking Pliers

Locking Pliers(1 Product)

IDEAL Megohmmeters

Megohmmeters(1 Product)

IDEAL Rocker Switches

Rocker Switches(1 Product)

IDEAL Screwdriver Bits

Screwdriver Bits(1 Product)

IDEAL Specialty Switches

Specialty Switches(1 Product)

IDEAL Splice Connectors

Splice Connectors(1 Product)

IDEAL Switch Accessories

Switch Accessories(1 Product)

About Ideal

Ideal Industries offers an extensive line of connectors, hand tools and meters for electrical and communication industries. The Ideal Industries catalogue includes clamps, hand tool kits, tool holders and replacement cases, testers, clamp meters and switches. The company's Hand Tools product line includes pliers, screwdrivers, wire strippers and cable slitters, crimping tools, cutters, nut drivers and drill bits. These Ideal tools are used in various woodworking, cutting, HVAC and automotive applications. The company also offers a variety of Ideal cable connectors, including coaxial connectors, pigtail connectors, push-in connectors and wire connectors in different colours and materials.