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  • Cable and Wire Cutters

    Hydraulic cable cutters suitable for cutting rebars, ACSR cables, wire ropes, soft steel bolts and copper / aluminium cables. Feature steel construction, a flip-top latch, an anvil-style centre-cut blade and a rubber-grip straight handle. Remote cutting heads also available

About Huskie Tools

Huskie Tools, a Spartaco company, is well known for its battery-operated line of professional-grade compression, cutting and power tools used across railroad, marine, power, construction, manufacturing and mining industries. The company's line of products includes hydraulic pumps, compression dies, hydraulic punches, ground rod benders, batteries and chargers, remote compression heads, and cable and wire cutters. The heavy-duty Huskie manual hydraulic cable cutters feature high-grade steel construction and are ideal for cutting rebar, ACSR cables, wire ropes, soft steel bolts, copper & aluminium cables, and ground & anchor rods. These cable cutters have a flip-top latch to open the jaw and accommodate cables and wires, an anvil-style center cut blade that eliminates jamming problems common to shear style cutters, and a rubber handle grip to avoid slipping while working. The company also offers hydraulic remote cutting heads that can be connected to any high-pressure (10000-psi) hydraulic pumping system. These remote cutting heads feature a hinged head for easy cable or bar insertion, and a guillotine cutting style blade to cut the wires or cables cleanly.
We also provide hard to find individual parts, accessories and replacements on order, with no minimum order quantity required for placing orders.

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