About Excelon

Excelon, a brand of Thermoplastic Processes, is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic tubing worldwide. It offers high-performance PVC, CPVC, EVA and polypropylene tubing for applications in food and beverage, chemical, medical and instrumentation industries. EVA tubing is ideal for potable water applications and is extensively used in water filters and medical instruments. These tubes are available in 1/8- and 1/16-inch wall thickness variants and can operate at a maximum pressure of 65 psi. For high-temperature or high-pressure fluid / gas transfer applications, translucent and clear Excelon PVC and CPVC tubing, in 8- / 50- / 100-foot variants, is available. These tubes are designed to operate within the temperature range of -65 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand a maximum pressure of 300 psi. Choose from a wide range of Excelon tubing in different working pressures and sizes on Raptor Supplies.