Since 1983, Exair, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, has been manufacturing compressed air-operated products for cooling, cleaning, coating and drying applications. Read More



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Pneumatics Filter

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  • Air Amplifiers

    Designed to deliver output flow rates up to 25 times the normal compressed air consumption rates; ideal for ventilation, cooling, drying,  blow-off and air conveying applications. Available in aluminium and stainless-steel body materials

  • Air Conveyors

    Ideal for converting tube, hose and ordinary pipes into long-distance conveyor systems. Compatible with pipe sizes ranging from 0.75 to 2 inches. Available in hardened alloy, aluminium and high-temperature 303 / 316 stainless steel material options

  • Air Knives

    General-purpose / high-efficiency knives designed to deliver uniform air flows throughout the length ideal for drying, cooling, moving and cleaning conveyors and webs

  • Cold Air Guns

    One- and two-hose cold gun air coolant systems capable of generating a stream of cold air at 50 degrees F below the supply air temperature. Electricity-free and economical alternative of mist systems; suitable for drilling, laser cutting and band sawing operations

  • Pneumatic Muffler

    Used to reduce the noise produced by pneumatic systems, and clean exhaust air-controlled systems such as valves and cylinders

  • Vacuum Ejectors

    Designed to create vacuum, convey liquids, compress gases, transport granular solids and to mix liquids & gases. Ideal for use in clamping, lifting, box opening and surface mounting applications. Offered in heights of 33, 40, 49 and 56 inches

  • Vortex Coolers

    Used for air conditioning of electrical enclosures, thereby eliminating downtime of electronic controls due to dirt, moisture and heat. Feature aluminium / stainless steel construction for structural rigidity and UV resistance. Deliver a maximum loudness of 82 dBA

  • Vortex Tubes

    Ideal for cooling electronic controls, gas samples, environmental chambers and machining operations. Made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and to withstand pressures ranging from 80 to 100 psi. Offered in 1.9 and 1.27 inch outside diameters

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  • Air Gun Accessories

    Air gun shim sets and air gun swivels ideal for repair and maintenance services of pneumatic tools. Available in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 inch (F) NPT and M4 / M5 x 0.5 female outlet options

  • Air Gun Nozzles

    OSHA-certified nozzles ideal for use with pneumatic and compressed-air tools for reducing noise and air consumption. Capable of delivering high-velocity airflows up to 22 ounces. Available in flat, safety and high-power nozzle configurations

  • Swivel Connectors

    Designed to swivel or rotate for eliminating compression and kinking of pneumatic tubing lines. Feature stainless steel construction with chrome plated finish to resist oxidation on exposed surfaces. Can withstand temperatures and pressures up to 800 degrees F and 250 psig, respectively

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  • Parts

    Includes a wide range of Exair air knife parts, such as shim sets and mounting brackets, for use with air guns. Available in aluminium and stainless-steel variants

About Exair

Exair catalogue includes a comprehensive line of vortex tubes, air amplifiers, air knives and air-operated vacuums. The brand's atomizing spray nozzles atomize fluids by mixing liquid and compressed air / gas at low pressures to dispense fine spray. These nozzles have stainless steel construction for strength and corrosion resistance. They have a flow rate ranging from 0.6 to 66 GPH and can withstand high working pressures up to 250 PSIG. Exair air knives feature aluminium / stainless steel construction for structural rigidity and durability. They have a maximum working temperature of 180 / 800 degrees F. These air knives offer air consumption capacities of up to 139.2 SCFM.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some Exair MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Vulcan Hart, Westward and Guardair models. So, if you're looking for a competitor item that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Exair products available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, an authorised Exair distributor, offers its complete range of products. We can recommend suitable products for your diverse application requirements.


These Exair products are small in size. They require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names


Exair Electronic Flow Controls (EFCs) minimise the consumption of compressed air during operations, such as blow-off, drying, cooling, conveying and static elimination. They have a photoelectric senso...Read More 

Digital Flowmeter

The brand's Digital Flowmeters are used to monitor compressed air wastage and consumption. They are equipped with a digital display for indicating the precise amount of compressed air being used, enab...Read More 

Exair Competitive Advantages

Air Wipe

Exair's Standard Air Wipes feature a 360-degree continuous airstream for blowoff, drying, cleaning and cooling various items, such as pipes, cables, extruded shapes, hoses and similar objects. They further feature a split design that allows quick and easy clamping around the surface of the workpiece pushing through it. These units consist of stainless steel hardware for resisting corrosion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these digital flowmeters include installation components?

Yes, they include all components for installation and have no moving parts that allow easy installation. These flowmeters do not require any setup or calibration.

What power supply do Exair EFCs use?

These EFCs use a power supply ranging between 100 to 240VAC at 50/60Hz.

How to maintain Exair air knives?

Exair air knives have low maintenance requirements, but it is advisable to conduct regular checks for proper operation and perform the cleaning as needed. Exair provides cleaning and maintenance guidelines for every air knife model. It is recommended to inspect the compressed air system for contaminants that could potentially impact the performance of the air knife.

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