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Cross-Reference Alternatives

Ametek Lamb motors' model numbers generally cross individual reference to the equivalent Prestolite Motors, Ingersoll-Rand, Marathon Motors & Dayton MPNs (manufacturer's part numbers). So, if you're looking for motors & accessories that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the alternate product available.


These Ametek Lamb motors and accessories range from small to medium in size. Some models may require compact packaging as they come in a pack of various pieces. These products are suitable for both courier shipment and air freight.

About Ametek Lamb

Ametek Lamb's catalogue includes brushless blowers, brushed vacuum motors, transportation pumps and regenerative blowers. Ametek Lamb thru-flow discharge vacuum motors are suitable for canister / utility vacuums and central vacuum systems to move clean & dry air. These intermittent-duty motors use vacuumed air to cool themselves by passing it over their armature. They feature ball bearings, an open drip-proof enclosure, and Class A insulation, ensuring long-term operations.

Major Trade Names

Brushed Bypass Motors

Brushed Bypass Motors

Ametek Lamb brushed bypass motors feature a separate fan to direct the cooling air over the armature and field. Their working air remains independent from the cooling air. Bypass motors are available in two configurations, peripheral & tangential bypass, depending on mounting and air ducting geometr...

y. Users can also choose these motors in single or multiple stage variants. Generally, increasing the fan stages enhances the unit's vacuum capability but reduces the airflow rate.

Rotron Regenerative Blowers

Rotron Regenerative Blowers

Ametek's Rotron regenerative blowers work on the regenerative principle to increase the pressure of air supply. Their impeller blades accelerate the air in an outward & forward direction, where it is joined by air turned back due to the annular shaped housing. Every "regeneration" adds more pressure...

to the air till the air reaches the stripper section of the outlet & gets diverted out of the blower. Pressure or vacuum generated by these blowers can be equal to many large-sized multi-stage / positive displacement blowers.

Prestolite Drive Motors

Prestolite Drive Motors

Ametek Prestolite drive motors offer an extensive line of DC Motors like PMDC motors, universal & high torque motors for floor care vacuums, hydraulic pumps, winches, snowploughs & mixers. They are also available in light and heavy-duty wound field motor variants for meeting diverse customers' requi...


Ametek Lamb Competitive Advantages

Wet Bearing Protection

Wet Bearing Protection

Wet bearing protection in selected vacuum motors prevents grease washout of working end bearings in wet applications. Ametek's enhanced bearing seal increases the life of motors by moving the bearing away from the moisture-prone fan system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Ametek Lamb products manufactured?

Ametek Lamb has manufacturing plants in Mexico, USA, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Czech Republic, Serbia & China.

What is the difference between brushed & brushless motors?

  • Brushed motors generally have higher air performance compared to brushless motors and work as an open-loop system only, whereas the brushless variants can operate as both open & closed-loop systems.
  • Brushed motors work with a single voltage, while the brushless motors can operate across a voltage range.
  • Users can control the airflow in brushless motors. The brushed motors provide constant airflow.
  • Brushless motors have enhanced operating life. They feature fewer or no contacting parts.

How to change brushes in Ametek industrial brushed vacuum motors?

  • Remove the power supply from the motor.
  • Bend the metal safety clips to remove them from the plastic cap using a flat screwdriver.
  • Pry up or loosen the plastic cap to expose the brush mechanism.
  • Locate the brush clip & slide it out using a screwdriver.
  • Remove the two screws (holding the brush clamp in place) to lift up the clamp & remove the brush.
  • After replacing the old brush with a new one, reinstall the brush clamp & brush clip.
  • Press back the plastic cap into place & bend back the metal safety clip to hold the cap.
  • Brushes can be replaced at most two or three times as the commutator upon which they ride wears away and renders the motor unserviceable.