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Aeroflex USA Inc manufacturs high-quality EPDM flexible rubber insulation products for use in pharmaceutical, food-processing, aerospace, brewery and distillery industries. Its extensive catalogue includes sheet, tube & pipe insulations; neoprene-contact adhesives; self-adhering foam or rubber tapes and latex paints. Aeroflex EPDM insulation sheets are designed for insulating air ducts of HVAC systems, air handling cabinets and air terminal devices. The brand's Aerocel Series closed-cell elastomeric thermal insulation sheets provide low moisture absorption and water vapour transmission, and are therefore ideal for use as both internal and external insulations in warm or cold air distribution systems. These UL 181-listed / ASTM G21-certified sheets further provide excellent resistance against moisture, fungus growth and vermin or rodent attacks. A wide variety of these Aeroflex products are available in the 0.25 - 6.125 inch nominal internal diameter range on Raptor Supplies.